Monday, March 29, 2010

Your Private information

I just finished reading a very interesting book about Identity Theft. In it, it discussed all the ins and outs of stealing someones Identity. If I had a criminal background this would be one of the easiests and most lucrative jobs out there. One in seven hundred chance of being caught. The amount of information out there for the taking is insane. Companies that claim to be great ambassadors for their community who are to cheap to probably even put together a shredding program.

Most major banks and Health organizations have got their security prioritized - but its the small companies that are not doing their part. Unaware of the dangers of throwing away antiquated PC's, and not looking at their entire information management system for leaks or potential breaches. This includes hard and soft data, and where it goes. Everything from password management, email packets, to storage and shredding.

Some people believe that Canadians are more adaptive and more likely to instill tougher sanctions on protecting people's confidential material. But I think Canadians are lagging. We need to be more selective of the types of information we collect, and how we dispose of it. Not relying on the government to put together weak laws that have no teeth and do nothing to instill fear in big business. We end up paying for these losses in tax benefits or right offs, and in the courts we pay for out of our taxes.

Enough is enough - I don't have the time to deal with my identity being stolen, let alone will I necessarily know when it has been taken.

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